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Relationship Gag Reel Alert [Video]

In 2016 Preston and I tried starting a coaching business together and it wasn't the dream we imagined. 

We are both better when we concentrate on our own paths and I stay out of his way.

In the spirit of last week's blog, Preston sharing that he was unhappy in our marriage, I think it's fun and important to show you various views of my relationship.

At the end of the day, this relationship, second to the one I have with myself, is the most important in my life. How I think about it, navigate it, evolve with it, is a great measure of my own growth that I want to let you in on, Adina.

A belief that I remembered recently is, True Love is Forgiving Often. That includes forgiving myself first.

I find the word, often, to be comforting, a relief. It means I fall short all the time, as do the people around me, and how we handle that determines our lovability, not the falling short itself.

I like to operate within the theory of generous assumption. I like to assume that everyone around me is doing their best even when it looks like they aren’t. Goodness knows my best can easily look like a shit-show. Such an assumption fuels my compassion, my empathy, my sense of calm, my ability to forgive. I set down my self-righteousness, my judgment, my anger, my resentments.

I have a hard time being generous with Preston. Loving and living and parenting together is hard.

Here's to forgiveness in our messy relationships.

I hope you laugh more than you roll your eyes today.

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With Love Always,

Sarah x