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Do you worry what others will think about you?

Today I asked a client, why not you?

She has a desire to start a community youth program and she thinks it's a dream for ten years down the road.

Maybe it is.

With so much self awareness she said, "I don't let myself think about starting that program because I have too many doubts."

We explored those doubts further.

Firstly, we made a list of them.

She realized that so many were based in the fear of what others will think about her.

She didn't like how that sounded.


Doubt by doubt, I asked her, what do you think about this doubt?


What do you think about people not taking you seriously?

What do you think that you look young?

What do you think about not having advocates that others would take seriously?

What do you think about nobody wanting to fund it?

What do you think that you don't have an online presence?


My beautiful client surprised herself with each answer. She kept saying things like, I don't think this matters, or I can find my way.

It was beautiful to hear her trust herself.


What will they think?, are the four most devastating words in the English language. What do I think?, is a much-needed antidote.


Finally I said, "Throughout all of these doubts what I really hear you saying is, "Who am I to do this?"

She agreed.


I said, "Why not you?"


Why not you?


Even if you don't have the connections, the expertise or the online presence, a desire is all you need to get started. That is your best qualification.


Whether or not my client walks down the road of starting this program, she has broadened her sense of self. 

In a world where people often tell her she's confident, she's now letting herself acknowledge her doubts.

She's become more whole and that's a wonderful position from which to take a next step no matter what it will be.


If you desire more clarity on your next steps and a coach to tell you, why not you?, let me know you'd like to explore working together.


With Love,

Sarah x


p.s. please forward this to a friend who struggles to trust herself.