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Do you Practice the Art of Reflection?

I will keep reminding myself and you of this truth.


Learning doesn't come from experience. It comes from reflecting on the experience.


When was the last time you sat quietly with yourself and reflected on how your life is unfolding, how a conversation went, how you're truly feeling about who you're being?

If it has been a while schedule some time now.

Why is this so important, you may ask?

If you don't know what's working for you and what isn't. If you don't understand what your feelings are towards a situation or a person, how can you possibly know how to make decisions about your future with clarity?


In the Full of Herself Membership we recently journaled using these questions as prompts.


1. What have I accomplished this year?

2. What am I most proud of this year?


Accomplishment isn't the whole enchilada in terms of reflection and self-actualization, remembering that what we accomplish doesn't define who we are. And, yet, thinking about all we have accomplished can be a beautiful way of reflecting on the bounty of this year and root us in gratitude for all that we have become in the process.


I'd love to extend an invitation to join us in The Membership as we begin again in the New Year. If you are craving a space where you can practice more reflection and, in doing so, boost your confidence and clarity, we might be your place.


With Love,

Sarah x


p.s. Full of Herself is a book full of reflections about my life that can support you in becoming more reflective, tooPre-order your copy now.