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Why do You Ask Yourself so Many Difficult Questions?

 Why do you feel like shit when you're actually brilliant?  

  Why does it feel awesome when someone brags about you, yet when you brag about yourself you feel silly?  

  Why do you bend over backwards to please someone else and sidestep your own pleasure?  

  Why are you trying so hard?

 These questions are the very foundation of my coaching work as well as the journey that I am walking personally.


I don't love "why" questions. They tend to spin us around in circles. However, in this moment, they are providing some dramatic emphasis that I'm enjoying!

 Why do we ask so many difficult questions? My answer is onefold; That we forgot life is supposed to be fun. 

  When we don't take ourselves too seriously we create the conditions for humility, curiosity and creativity to flourish.


From that state of wholeness we know the following to be true...

  That our brilliance is luck. Just like our looks are not of us, neither is our intellect. So, we can enjoy it for what it is and not put too much weight on it. Plus, choosing to feel like shit isn't very fun. We don't need to manufacture misery.

  That we have a responsibility to feel good as often as possible if we want to live a purposeful life. Bragging is delightful. It's uplifting to hear someone talk well about themselves. We're clear that bragging isn't about boasting. Rather, it's an act of humility because we're already whole. 

  That our opinion about our life matters most. When we prioritize a relationship with ourself we can give even more freely and abundantly. 

  That there's nothing to figure out. We know that trying too hard creates burnout. With focus and hard work, it becomes easy to surrender our plans because we know that it was never about us. We replace control with faith. 


Go out and feel full of yourself this week, and let your life be fun. After all, this is one heck of an adventure we're on.


With Love,

Sarah x