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COVID Update

Happy New Year.

I am feeling so much better. Many thanks to those of you who sent me words of encouragement and love. They helped me so much.

This was my first time getting the 'vid and it was no joke.

As I was ill I kept thinking, what is my body craving?

Here were my answers:

- A good night's sleep where I dream deeply. My sleep has been more anxious than I'd like in recent months.

- A calm mind. No more pinging from one meeting to the next, checking this app and that email constantly, listening to messages the moment I wake up...

- Something to look forward to like an adventure or a holiday, on a consistent basis.

- Real rest consistently. My life is full, and I while I'm great at slowing down, I could do a way better job of slowing down my mind and have that be more of an oasis.

I have not started 2022 with a bang. In fact, quite the opposite. I have been in hibernation. What an interesting juxtaposition to the highly-touted "New Year, New Me," ad campaign that we're beat over the head with.

While a New Year can bring promise and hope, the greater truth is that every day is a good day to begin again.

And, I like me. I don't need or want a new me. I'm really sick of the lie I'm sold that I have to change in order to be worthy. Keep doing you, Allie, and if you'd like to make some changes, enjoy them.

However you're entering the New Year, I hope it's working for you.

Ask yourself, What do I think? Is my approach working for me?

Remember, your opinion about you is the one that matters most.

With Love and Great Health,

Sarah x