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What Should you be Doing?



Are you going through life doing what you should be doing or, are you committed to living a life doing what you choose to do?


In coaching sessions I hear should, should, should, should, should, should……..all day long.


When I hear the word should, I reply, “You should or you could?”




As a family we are about to bring our short term rental house renovation across the finish line.


We started this process in May.


I am tired.


I am fed-up with our contractor because of his poor communication, less-than-stellar work, and a very extended timeline.


I’m ready to be done.


I could moan. I could cry. I could feel stressed out.


I’ve done all of these things.


I also keep remembering that I CHOSE all of this.



- I chose to buy a rental property.


- I chose this contractor.


- I chose to manage the relationship with our contractor so that I could learn a whole lot more about renovating.


- I chose to assume the General Contractor role in our family.


- I chose the challenge of creating a beautiful space and not dialing it in from Ikea.


- I chose to speak up with the contractor about money when I didn’t agree with his idea of a discount for the frustration and errors we have experienced.



While I’m tired, I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that we are inches away from the finish-line; from having a house that we can rent out; from making additional income; from meeting wonderful people around the country and world; from realizing a dream we have had for years.


When we tell one side of the story, our reality is incomplete.


I get to choose.


You get to choose.


Consider what it would be like to live with agency.

Consider what it’s like to do something because you should.


I told Preston it feels as if this project will never end. He said, “That’s not true. It will.”


In my head, I thought, fuck you, that’s not what I was looking for. Give me some damn empathy.


I get to choose.


In short, what should you be doing?


Not a gosh-darn thing.



With Love,

Sarah x