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What do Bragging & Audacity Have in Common?


Can you pause in this moment and take three deep breaths?

Now, can you say something nice about yourself in the form of a brag? Brag before you read on and let a small smile form across your lips as you marvel at how precious you are.

{Inserting literal pause.}

Yesterday, at the end of our session, I asked a wonderful client to share two brags . She bragged beautifully. Then I encouraged her to share an audacious brag. She said, "I brag that I think I look pretty today, which isn't something I'd usually say."

I loved hearing her take a risk and saying something that lifted both of our spirits.

I want nothing more than for you and me, and all of us, to brag audaciously and for it to feel familiar and good.

I love thinking about how our relationship to audacity changes moment to moment.

Some moments we feel timid. In others we feel fierce. What once felt easy can now feel hard. We can feel confident and lost at the same time. We can be full of energy yesterday and need a nap at 11 am the next.

We are so many beautiful contrasts and, like any living organism, we must adapt to meet our needs.

Are you having a hard time with the ups and downs of your life? Do you undermine your goodness and your complexities judging yourself for being all over the place?

Oh, I get it. Learning to trust yourself and really respect who you are is one heck of a journey. And accepting all of yourself is audacious.

The contrasts are a part of your magic and learning how to navigate change internally and externally is a skill. I can teach you how. Respond to this email and sign up for a free coaching session with me.

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Life gets so good when we find the audacity to love who we are.

What's your audacious brag today? Tell us on the Full of Herself Honor Line at 614.887.7676

Easy does it my friend.

With Love,

Sarah x