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Big Life Updates

Boy has it been nice to take a break in July.

I have become very clear that one of my life goals is to be completely off in July and December. Stay tuned. These goals feel very possible.

Here is my big life update....

We bought a lake house on Lake Erie and we close on August 26th!

Austin and I went up to this little town called Fairport Harbor at the end of June for a week's vacation. I didn't have any expectations about the lake or the town, and instantly fell in love with it. It has a cute little downtown. Little is the operative word. The beachfront is lovely and the lake surprisingly clear. The very first morning we were there we rented a golf cart to check the place out. Golf carts are legal on the streets and Austin and I were eager to have fun cruising around.

As I was driving along second street I saw a house for sale. I very quickly realized that it had a lake view. I called the realtor immediately and was shocked that the listing price was $194,000. In my mind I was thinking, did that number just start with a 1? I would have thought it was at least a 3 to get even a partial lake view. Several weeks later, after much back and forth with the seller, we agreed on a price ($170,000) and here we are about to close. It's so exciting. 

This whole experience has been such a great example to me of what can present itself when I'm busy living my life. Even though we have been talking about wanting a lake house for years, never in a million years did I think this trip would present one. When I have an intention and let it go, all at the same time, life gets pretty interesting.

  • I'm imagining the remodel - it needs a lot of work - which sparks my creativity and excitement.
  • I'm imagining summers changed for the better.
  • I'm imagining owning a boat and watching fireworks from it.
  • I'm imagining what a blessing for Austin to grow up on the water.
  • I'm imagining having a second set of everything at the house.
  • I'm imagining paying the bills (a little "yikes" feeling) and moving quickly towards gratitude for them.
  • I'm already practicing saying, "No, this is for my second home," and delighting in that wording.
  • I'm imagining owning a jet ski.
  • I'm imagining any one of us escaping for a couple of days to have a break.

How has your July faired? Let me know of any fun developments.


Sarah x

p.s. My book is coming along so nicely. I didn't meet my deadline of getting my first rough draft together for the end of July and I am so ok with it. The deadline motivated me and I have made such wonderful progress. I am heading towards the finish line and currently starting to think about potential editors. I underestimated the amount of energy I'd need to parent through our first summer holidays, and we bought a lake house which consumed a lot of energy throughout this month. All in all, I'm very proud of my progress and still cranking out the words