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Being Uncomfortable Doesn't have to be Uncomfortable

Did you know that joy is the most vulnerable emotion we feel? Those who are able to be vulnerable rather than staving it off, do so because they practice gratitude. 


I was reminded of this fact when re-watching a short Brene Brown video that I sent to my client.

This piece of data kept rumbling in my mind and is the context of my journal entry today. 


I want to keep choosing joy. Keep choosing gratitude. Keep choosing. I am not the victim. I am in control of my life. It might be true that having too much time on my hands doesn't work in my favor. Could I trust time? Something to consider. I'm grateful for how things are working out. I'm grateful for every single thing on my calendar. I'm grateful for my life. I am learning and up-leveling and growing my capacity for more. I'm here for it. 


Uncomfortable isn't a bad thing. Actually it's a wonderful thing.


I can be uncomfortable and nothing has to be wrong.

I can feel down and nothing is wrong.

I can second-guess myself and nothing is wrong with me.

I can feel sad and nothing is wrong.


Here's my reminder today. I can have all of these feelings and not need to change a thing. In fact, I have all of these feelings and I believe everything is as it's supposed to be.


I'm with you.



Sarah x