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A Reminder That you Matter

Your privilege is a treasure.

Did you know that 60% of our global population doesn't have a flushing toilet that properly manages human waste in the home?

This statistic blows my mind. 

Largely speaking, we get to worry about things that are blessings. 

Use your worry wisely.


Beyond your privilege, you, are a treasure. "Me," you say. "Yes, you."


Remember your inherent worth.

You were born worthy.

There wasn't a moment you became unworthy no matter what you did or said.


Whatever circumstances you lived through, you were scrambling to feel safe and doing what you could to survive. Naturally you set aside parts of yourself.

Those parts are yours to reclaim whenever you're ready.


I encourage you to do your work so you can become even more full of yourself.


With Love,

Sarah x