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A Personal Invite

Do you have a desire to grow beyond your wildest imagination into the direction of your destiny?

Do you want to learn how to utilize your unique testimony and talent to serve others while living a life of fulfillment?

Well, me too! 

And guess what?!?!

November 3rd-5th (with special Premier/VIP registration November 2nd), I am coming together with Tamra Andress and her amazing guests for the Grow for God Conference in Nashville, Tennessee at Citipointe Church.

The best part - you are invited to join us! 

Grow Your Business for God's Sake! (Grow for God) is a business conference helping business people and professionals take their businesses and lives to new heights while doing it with spirituality in mind, and with a missional mindset to give back and make an impact.

Remember, your business may not look like entrepreneurship, but you are in fact a business owner. Your life, start to finish IS YOUR BUSINESS, no matter your job title. And growth is a critical part to not only your joy, but also your income and impact!  

If you're looking for a retreat this year, a space to invest in yourself, come and join us at Grow for God.

There are some AMAZING speakers headlining with me, like Hope Carpenter, Real Talk Kim, Travis Believes, Glenn Lundy, and more! 

You can see the full details here, and claim your seat!

See you there!