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woman sitting on a couch with a smile and a glass of water. A Christmas tree is decorated in the background.

Here's What I've Been Up To

What have I been up to?


A whole lot of relaxing.


I have pottered around the house and completed twenty small projects. Things like organizing Preston's closet space to make way for his shoe collection, sorting Austin's toys, hanging a picture that has been sat on his bedroom floor for three months, cleaning out my makeup bag and throwing a whole lot away, purging toiletries and clippers that are twenty years old that haven't been used in at least eight from my bathroom...and in between I've played with Austin, watched TV, meditated, cooked, met friends for coffee, taken a sauna and cold shower most mornings, eaten lots of sweet treats, read, stayed in bed until at least 10, and said yes a lot more because I was more in the moment.


What's more important than all of that is the peace I felt. I haven't felt as serene in a long while. How have you been feeling?


I want to remind each of us that winter is a time for slowing down. After years and years of coaching women, I know that we could learn to slow down more.


Your worth isn't measured by your productivity - God, please keep reminding me of this - and you don't have to hit the New Year with a bang-up resolution.


I was in a meeting yesterday and a lady phrased it wonderfully. Of the New Year she said, restoration not resolutions.


I couldn't agree more.


Easy does it my friend.


With Love,

Sarah x


p.s. My book recommendation is Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver. The movie I loved that gave me a slice of home is The Bank of Dave on Netflix. It's about a guy who decides to open a bank in Burnley which is where my Mum is from. Of all the places in the world...