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What Does "Yes" Teach Me?


A few reminders from me to you, or truly, from me to me!


- Let me stop fighting with the air.

- I don't need to question myself or make myself wrong. When I do, I box myself into a corner.

- I have no problems today, so let me stop manufacturing them.

- All is well.

- God is good.


I enjoyed a week off last week. Austin and I went to the lake house and I sunk my teeth into a kitchen renovation. I reviewed my Pinterest board, I chose paint colors in a way that was easy and got my juices flowing, and I started painting.


Getting creative was good for my whole being. Plus, we are using lots of color which stretched my range and made me feel empowered and enthusiastic.


Having a project made me feel grounded and focused and kept me away from focusing on what isn't working.


I enjoyed saying yes to so many things. For example, a sleepover for Austin, an ice-cream run at 9:30 pm when I was already snuggled in bed, a sledding day, an impromptu invite to a friend's house which involved lots of sitting and snacks, two hours of peace and quiet to myself in the middle of the afternoon, supplies for a coke and mentos experiment, building a dam in a creek while out for a walk...and the list went on.


The disease of alcoholism wants me to say no. Perfectionism has a similar hold. Saying no keeps me safe and stifled, and saying yes, even when it feels contrary to what I think is best for me, often feels like liberation, in the long run. The ability to say yes, and mean it, and enjoy myself, and watch my son enjoy himself, too, is a treasure I'm treasuring.


Paying attention to how often I say yes is a tool I use to gauge my peace and serenity.


If you struggle to say yes because you're scared of being wrong or you're overwhelmed by your thinking, book a free coaching call with me. I'm here to help you take off the pressure and stop beating yourself up so you can actually enjoy your one precious life.


Feeling full of yourself is the gift of all gifts and it can start with a simple session. Book yours here.


With Love,

Sarah x