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One Strategy To Feel Lit Up

Two years ago TODAY I stumbled upon the sweetest little surprise.


I decided to buy a house in a town that I'd spent 24 hours in.


If you think you need to do more, have a better plan, be more daring/savvy/connected etc., to get what you want, let my story inspire you to think otherwise. Letting go doesn't have to be hard.


Maybe all you need to do is live your life, the best you can.


In June of 2021, Austin and I took a trip to Lake Erie, which is about 2-ish hours from Columbus.


Austin had just finished Kindergarten and I was planning this trip as a way to account for at least one week of his first, long summer holiday.


I wasn't particularly excited about Lake Erie and I knew we'd make our own fun.


When we pulled into this little town I'd never heard of - Fairport Harbor - I was pleasantly surprised. The small downtown street was charming, there were two lighthouses and the beachfront was nicer than I thought it would be.


As we settled into our Air BnB for the week, and got our bearings, we decided to rent a golf cart to check out more of what this town had to offer. Plus Austin was thrilled to drive it!


As I was driving by this house for sale, I noticed it had a view of the lake. Preston and I have always liked real estate, and done a little investing, so it piqued my interest. We had been loosely entertaining the idea of buying a lake house for a couple of years but, if you had asked me if I could afford one, I would have said no.


Simply because I was curious and was falling for the charm of this little town, I immediately called the realtor to ask the price. The price was excellent! I was even more intrigued. I agreed to meet the realtor and, 30 minutes later after returning the golf cart, we were taking a tour of the house. I loved it.


3 months later, Preston, Austin and I made the inaugural drive to our lake house. Purchasing it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.


Every time I'm at the house I literally say out loud, "This place is so good for my soul."


Buying this house is a very clear example of knowing when to take action when the opportunity is right for me.


These days, I'm learning to force solutions less. There have been many times that I've wrestled and micromanaged something into fruition that wasn't in alignment for me - hint, that's why it felt hard.


My high-achiever clients say the same thing in our sessions. A common theme is that they want to enjoy their life more but what they are really feeling is overwhelmed, stressed and lonely.


They often say things like:


- Why aren't I happier?

- I feel beaten down.

- I want all of this but it's a lot.

- I'm going through the motions.

- I want to get my inner glow back.


Can you relate?


I'm going to remind you that you can have your success cake, eat it, AND enjoy it, too.


With 4000+ hours under my coaching belt, I'm an expert at supporting you in learning to get out of your own way; to re-orient your mindset so you're clear about what lights you up and how to strategically get more of it.


Most of my clients don't change a whole bunch of things in their lives because a lot of what they have is exactly what they want. What they do change, is the way they see everything, especially themselves.


When you break up with the overwhelm and the pressure, you get to see how good life can really be.


One of the best ways I can support you, is by scheduling a free coaching session. A space for you to feel heard, sort through your mental clutter and start to align with your success is a gift beyond measure. That's what my clients tell me. And, it's exactly the journey I have walked. From feeling lost and broken and like I secretly suck, to excited about who I am and embracing my impact. If you want this too, let me help you.


The story of buying my lake house teaches us something potent. Your best intention for this day, is to get clear about what you want, orient yourself toward it, and let it find you.


It's amazing what will find you when you get out of you're own way and get busy living.



With Love,

Sarah x