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My New Collaboration

Drum roll, please!


I am officially collaborating with BASE ONE, powered by PENZONE, to bring coaching services to the Columbus area on a wider scale.


What does this mean?


PENZONE Salons and Spas are a vibrant and prominent brand here in Columbus, Ohio. Established in 1969, PENZONE has 5 salons that are dedicated to helping women find their confidence from the inside out.


BASE ONE is the newest addition to their brand. It is a training and development space, built and designed from the ground up, that the whole community can use. Whether that's hosting a leadership retreat, a co-working session, recording a podcast, attending a yoga class, getting a spa service or coming to my Pump Up Session. I believe BASE ONE is catalyst for expansion.


Through an experience in this space, relationships will deepen and people will learn to love themselves better. And, it just so happens to be gorgeous!


You know I don't play with janky spaces.


To be collaborating with a brand I admire is energizing and, of course, you'll be the first to know, how this relationship evolves. We've been brainstorming lots of joyful ideas.


Plus, there will be lots more opportunities for us to gather in person and be a part of the Full of Herself Movement.


I'd love to invite you to attend the Pump Up Session: An Experience in Owning Your Confidence on Tuesday, May 21st as a celebration of this collaboration and, most importantly, YOU.


This event is for you if:

- you're sick of second-guessing yourself and wondering if you're good enough to have more of the life you want.

- you appreciate being in community with other awesome women so you can be reminded of how great you actually are and not feel so alone.

- you're tired of playing small and hiding your gifts and opinions when what you really want is emit that "heck yeah" energy.

- you struggle with people-pleasing because you don't know how to love yourself and be a good friend to yourself.


The Pump Up Session is designed to hold your hand, guide you gently home to yourself and leave you feeling wildly optimistic about how audacious you can actually be.


Oooh, my friend, that's where this ride gets really fun. What's audacious to you? What's getting in your way? What are you passionate about? How do you execute on that? We get to explore of all these questions and so much more together.


Join me and lots of lovely women for this fun and intimate Pump Up Session. I won't be hosting another event until fall so if you've been wanting to do something for yourself and do it with me, now is the time.


With Love,

Sarah x




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I want to tell you more personal stories. So, on this week's Office Hours on Instagram Live (most Wednesdays at 10am EST) I'm sharing a sweet example of how my son impressed me with his emotional and financial regulation and helped me find more of my own. Plus, I'll tell you about something we planned as a family that was a big hit!

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