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There's a Better Way to Feel our Feelings


Following on from my brag above, we don't always feel like doing the thing that is right for us to do.


I love helping women feel their feelings. It's a necessary practice for developing vulnerability. However, what I find most true in my life is that I have to act my way into the feeling not feel my way into the action.


If I left my future up to my feelings, which I have done a lot...well, let me just say that I don't always know what is best for me and I want more for myself than I have right now.


I am ok that I feel angst about speaking at this luncheon because I also feel excitement. I know it's exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.


How do I know that?

Because it wasn't my idea.


My mentor said this to me recently about hiring a new business coach. "Sarah, it all looks different because it wasn't your idea."

I laughed. We laughed.


Ask anyone who knows me well. I am full of ideas and big ones at that.

And when I get out of my own way and pay attention to what's being shown to me, my life and my decision-making seems to get easier. The jumble of ping-pong thoughts in my head seems to lessen. Do you ever wish your head was a more calm and serene place, {{ first_name }}?


You see, I got three nudges to apply to speak at this luncheon. Once when I saw the application to apply in a general newsletter from the organization. Once when I was asked to apply. By the way, when I was asked to apply I didn't do so straight away because I didn't feel like doing it. And, lastly, when Sharon on my team took a screenshot of the application and sent it to me. Only then, a few days later, did I think, "Huh, maybe I need to look at this more closely because maybe I'm getting in my own way."

I can be slow to pay attention because I think, surely my ideas are the best.

I realized recently that I'm also adept at saying to myself, "Hey God, I know I said I wanted to grow my business and to send me some opportunities because I'm ready for them but this is a red boat and I'd like a green one." All the while totally missing the fact that a boat is right in front of me.


Insert giggle and long sigh.


And as far as hiring my business coach goes, here's how it wasn't my idea.


Last November I was thinking about the next steps in my business. I was thinking about people I knew who had the type of success I want to have and how I might spend time with them. Preston mentioned the name of one person that I had been thinking of reaching out to as well.


Well, as God would have it, a couple of weeks later this same person was offering some free coaching sessions and I put my name down for one.


We had the session last week. I worked through some big mindset shifts and received immense value. I walked away feeling ready to implement some of her suggestions on my own. After all, her fees weren't in my budget.


The next morning I realized I had the money in another business account and I started to feel excited about spending it on myself. After all, I'm not saying yes to a coaching package, I'm saying yes to investing in myself as the CEO of Moore Soul Sessions.


I journaled and meditated about my excitement and decided to let it simmer without saying a word to Preston. Historically, I have drowned him in my big ideas and he's had the "what-hell-kinda-idea-do-you-have-now" look in his eye.


When we know better hopefully we do better.


That same day, Preston came to me and said, "I was thinking. How about you hire Kim and we use that money that we have in our other business account?"


Well, I'll be darned.


Yes, I decided to hire Kim and I didn't orchestrate it. I didn't have a plan I was trying to execute. I didn't think my way into it.


Instead, I let the plan unfold right before me. The pieces were easy to follow. I look for ease in my decision-making. If I'm going back and forth and round in circles, most of the time I need to take a step back and reevaluate because I'm trying to force a solution.


Did you know I offer free coaching sessions to help you feel anchored and more certain? Life feels tough when circumstances make us question ourselves and we're not sure where we are headed. Email me to claim your free 30-minute session.


What action can you take this week so that the right feeling will follow? When you start making decisions this way, you might just be moving in the direction of a plan much greater than you can imagine. And, maybe, just maybe, that's where the magic will occur.


Easy does it my friend.


With Love,

Sarah x