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Ready for Some Behind-the-Scenes Action?

There is a lot happening here on the Moore Soul Sessions team and I wanted to share some updates with you.


We are re-branding. After hosting the book launch party we felt our current softer color palette of pinks, teals, and terracotta didn't reflect my punchy nature or the Full of Herself message.  We've changed it up! We've chosen hot pink and bright orange which we think better represents women's empowerment, confidence and charisma. You will start to see these colors in everything we do moving forward. 


We're currently working away on a website update. We want to launch something that is fresh and strategic and is a backbone of the Full of Herself movement. If we want women to experience personal growth and an inner transformation we have to create an experience that facilitates these desires. Stay tuned.


Since the book launched last month we have executed an outreach plan that I'm proud of. We have reached out to celebrities, influencers and micro-influencers to get a copy of the book in their hands. I have been interviewed on several podcasts, and counting, to spread the word. We created a press release and sent it to local newspapers, television and radio stations to create some buzz. I approached local stores with the expertise and support of our new brand ambassador, Eleanor, in an effort to generate some wholesale agreements. While we are making headway, stay tuned for how much of this will continue to play out over the next few months. I want to give a big shout out to Veronica and Sharon on the team for coordinating so much of this effort. Thank you, ladies. This was a big undertaking.


Thanks to our brilliant Operations Director, Christina, we have implemented new software to help our team be more collaborative and less siloed. We're able to create processes and be more focused so we can scale effectively...because this business and movement is growing baby. Feeling a little giddy just saying that.


Oh, and I've become very familiar with the post office as I continue to package and send books! We've decided to keep this in-house for the moment and have my hands touch as many books as possible. While we're still on the smaller size we believe that the personal touch will go a long way in building our brand.


If you enjoyed hearing this behind-the-scenes update, could you please drop a comment below and tell me why. Or, share anything else you love or want more of from this blog.


Hint...we want to be more intentional with this blog and make some changes and your feedback would be very helpful to us.


With Love,

Sarah x