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Three Beliefs That Will Keep You Overwhelmed


I hear my clients share these beliefs and it keeps them stuck and overwhelmed.


1. I don't like to brag about myself.

2. My worth is based on how productive I am.

3. I'm thinking about this and that, and what about this, ooh and that, and then this. (insert frantic energy of trying to figure it all out now)


Which one sounds most familiar?


It's incumbent upon us to do the hard work of raising our self-esteem so we can clearly know and share what makes us great.


Trust me, you're brag-worthy.


We also need to question which of our beliefs are working for us, and which aren't, so we can tie our worth to something far more important than our productivity.


I easily lean on productivity to raise my worth. To a degree, that's ok because I value my worth ethic, and not to the extent that it defines my lovability as a human. I desire to be so much more than someone who is productive. I want to rest, play, work smarter, laugh, and do things with ease.


Lastly, when it comes to beliefs that keep us stuck and overwhelmed, we need to stop trying to figure it all out. We're ten steps ahead of ourselves and calling it "being prepared, thoughtful, and ahead of the game."


I call it a waste of time.


This is the lesson I've learned the most about recently when it comes to being full of myself and it positions me to be an expert in my field.


Name a woman you know who doesn't feel overwhelmed. If you can, I know she's the exception not the rule.


Over-planning is an epidemic among women. It creates self-induced stress that detracts from the adventure at hand. I like to think that everything is an adventure. We'll end up complaining about how stressful the adventure is when really we've created the problem.


Over-planning is a way to protect ourselves and stay safe from the unknowns. Sadly, we're not protecting ourselves from anything but boy, we think we are.


Let's practice making ourselves right for how great we are at thinking ahead. This is self-compassion. Yay, to our nervous systems for trying to outrun the vulnerabilities ahead.


AND, let's see what alternatives there might be for a more easeful, trusting experience.


I'm truly skilled at helping women re-define control and nothing gives me greater joy than watching a client learn to let go and enjoy the wild ride of her life.


Book a Pressure-Free Success Session. I'll help you get clear on the beliefs that are worth keeping and the ones that are worth tweaking so you can live with more abandon and not feel so weighed-down by how overwhelming your life is.


Love to you, you wonderful woman.


With Love,

Sarah x