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What is a Pump Up Session?


The Pump Up Session is an EXPERIENCE in getting out of your head and into your body; to let go of overthinking and second-guessing; to get a greater perspective on who you are and what matters.

Based on years of speaking and leading retreats, I created The Pump Up Session as a way to help women let loose in a fun and meaningful way. 

Imagine a fully curated mini-retreat where we will breathe, scream, dance, journal, share, and bear witness to thought-provoking insights.

Awesome for teams on a one-off or regular basis.

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Alissa Mann, UK

After doing the Pump Up Session I’d believe anything is possible. I feel so energized.

Lindsey Labry, Texas

It was an incredible session and I'm so glad I overcame my anxiety and attended! I've already used two of the techniques with my three student assistants because they seemed so stressed out.

What is a Coaching Circle?


Are you yearning for change, but not sure how to get there?

Is there a feeling of anxiety and stress in the air?

Do you value vulnerability and connection as a team? Do you want to grow in this arena?

If you answered yes, The Coaching Circle might be a great fit.

Every single client I coach wants more of one thing. 


No exceptions.

We all desire to express ourselves lovingly and honestly. When we do, we feel an ease and a freedom that transforms the way we live, lead, and love.

The Coaching Circle is an interactive, intimate experience that allows each person to explore her fears and desires and get clarity on who she is as a woman and leader. 

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Recent Client Comments from a Coaching Circle at Texas A&M University


- I want to remember that I can voice my fears and desires at any time. They are important. I don't want to run on auto-pilot.

- Being in this environment has helped me feel more confident and open.

- I want to remember that it's ok to be uncomfortable.

- I want to remember the fire that was ignited in my body when I voiced my desires. That fire can take me far.

- I realize that it's ok to be emotional and intense.

- My fears have been alleviated because I realized I'm not alone.

- It's important for me to be more vocal in meetings. My voice matters.


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