Sarah's Expertise:


1. Facilitate a highly experiential, one-of-a-kind confidence workshop for women as part of your development day/leadership retreat/conference.

2. Facilitate an intimate coaching workshop for teams/groups that can range from 2 hours, to all day. Highly experiential.

3. Topics of expertise include leadership integrity, vulnerability, self awareness, energy management, navigating difficult conversations, and confidence.

4. Reach out to Mary below for questions about how we might customize and collaborate, and submit the form.


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"Sarah's Coaching Circle provided me more opportunities and growth than I could have ever imagined. 


I gained clarity and confidence, and a heightened sense of responsibility for my actions. 


Sarah has such a gift for coaching! I highly recommend her skills and expertise.  Her personality makes all feel comfortable and welcome."

- Myiesha McCrary

Coaching Circle Attendee




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Speaking Manager: Veronica Rohach

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"What a great session, so many great pearls of wisdom shared. I left that session inspired and reminded that I have a voice and to not get stuck in what others think. There is a reason why I am at the table...what I think matters. 


Thank you for ALL OF IT!!"


Christina M.

National Weld Leadership Conference for Women



"Sarah's perspective on how to navigate difficult conversations and how to do so while respecting yourself and others was so insightful! She got the students to open up in minutes and was able to meet them where they were at."


- Hillary C. Shulman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
School of Communication
Ohio State University