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The Retreat

When brave, soul-seeking women get together, magic happens. Join us for a morning of coaching and life-changing stories full of soulful ambition, grit, heartbreak, and perseverance from three inspiring women who are chasing their dreams to change the world.

Most of us are scared to tell our truth, to others, and ourselves. You're offered a dream project and say yes — even though you feel you aren't good enough; someone asks you how you're doing and you say good — even when you're sad; you lash back at something your partner says — because you are too ashamed to say you're hurting.

When we shy away from the truth, we shut down vulnerability and intimacy — our soul—and unknowingly diminish our potential for experiencing pure joy and freedom.

What if all these were just stories that you could rewrite at any moment? How would you feel? Full of possibility? Are you smiling? Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, says, "Ninety-five percent of the beliefs we have stored in our minds are nothing but lies, and we suffer because we believe those lies."

I want women to be inspired by the truth of other women. Women who demonstrate the courage to tell their intimate story, inspire us to do the same. Only then, do we know the fullest expression of ourselves. We step out from the darkness and into the light. Join us at Soul Sessions: The Retreat.

You will walk away with the ability to practice vulnerability, rewrite your life stories, connect with your soul, understand how to realize your potential more fully, do a months' worth of soul-searching, experience a shift (or several), connect with like-minded women, have lots of fun and begin a love affair…..with possibility!

Can't wait to meet you fellow soul searcher!
Sarah xxx

The Deets:

Where: At Sarah's beautiful home in Manayunk, Philadelphia. There is nothing more sacred and intimate than being welcomed, with an open heart, into someone's private space. Imagine a beautiful, cozy home complete with cushions, flowers, candles, hot tea and a loving feeling. Ladies who have attended The Retreat in the past said they instantly felt a sense of peace and presence in Sarah's home.

When: Next date to be determined.

How Many? The limit will be 10 women per retreat. First come, first serve.

What Will Happen? Imagine a beautiful opening ceremony to usher you into circle with 9 other bright, soulful, seeking women. With a refreshment and snacks in hand, we will set our intentions for the day in a special way.

Sarah will share lessons and insights into how we can transform vulnerability into a superpower, and from there share a personal story that highlights exactly what true vulnerability looks and feels like.

You will experience several individual and small group exercises designed to help you share the truths that are keeping you small and stuck. Talk about experiencing vulnerability firsthand.

Expect to do a lot of clearing. Only once we are able to release those small truths can we start to envision our future with intentionality. Get ready to dive into the goals that really excite and inspire you. You will declare them in a special way so you have a clear sense of what comes next.

You will get personal coaching from Sarah, experience several fun group activities, and move your body along the way.

What About Food? Very important question! A delicious, nutritious lunch will be served as well as snacks and drinks throughout the day. Dietary requests will be taken into consideration.

What Should I Bring? Definitely bring a notebook and pen. Bring anything else you need to feel comfortable such as a special snack, blanket, toiletry, extra cardigan if you always feel cold etc. Blankets and cushions will be provided.

What Should I Wear? Something really comfortable that makes you feel beautiful. Also, bring something you can do a short workout in.

Accessibility? There are two steps up into our house and the house has several sets of stairs although we will be mainly going between the first and second level, which is separated by 6 steps. We will also be sat on the floor, for some time, in circle. If you prefer a chair, accommodations can be made.

Next date coming really soon. Stay tuned.

For any questions, please email Sarah Moore
at sarah@mooresoulsessions.com or call at 484.685.6360