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This Intention is Essential to my Success

Do you ever find yourself stuck on repeat, saying the same story, when it comes to how you feel about something or someone? I keep saying over and over again, Oh, this transition is so big. It is. There is no question. (To get you up to speed, I just invested a lot of money in a year long mastermind last week) When I closely examine the meaning behind my words, I find the truth to be that I am overwhelming myself. …
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This is Vulnerability at its’ Best

The Big News is that, at the weekend, I made a very unexpected $38,000 investment in myself. Holy Shit! In my world, this is HUUUUGGGGEEEE! Here’s what’s also funny. I know in the not too distant future, this is going to seem really normal and my fear around it will be something I will giggle about. My Daily Soul Session below, catches me right after I made the investment and I’m pretty high on life.  Today, I’ve cried a lot. …
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Blinded by This Insight…Literally

Check out my Daily Soul Session below (my fave from last week) to see how I’m pretty much blind by the end of the video. I couldn’t even see the camera while I was still talking. I’m a trooper! This video got the most engagement, by far, last week so who says perfect is everything. After all, don’t we hop on to FB to be entertained? Think about that in your next business post. It’s so easy to be playful when it comes to …
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This Invitation Made my Soul Stir

I had the inspiration, back in October, to invite my friend, Nadia Munla, down from Brooklyn to host a workshop here in Philly. This past weekend, that vision came to fruition. Nadia is a health and sensuality course and I had the breathtaking experience of taking her 1 hour Embody Dance Workshop (think how to use dance as a way to more fully express our emotions and embody all of our senses) at a retreat I attended a couple of years …
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