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Resources to Build Great Support as a Solopreneur

By saying yes to this mastermind with Bob Heilig, everything about my support system is up-leveling. When we make big decisions, of any kind, up-leveling happens, whether we like it or not, whether we realize it or not. I would suggest having your eyes and heart wide open to all the opportunities being presented so you don’t miss juicy invitations for growth. I looked up the other day and realized that I have a big support team around me. It felt …
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These Two Acronyms Keep me on Track

In the 12 step world, where I spend a few hours every week, acronyms and slogans are life-saving tools. I use these to coach myself to a place of balance. Here are two of the former that keep me sane and on my side of the street. If you’re anything like me, It seldom goes well when I cross over. QTIP = QUIT TAKING IT PERSONALLY How often do we make it about us? When I’m upset about what someone …
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You HAVE to Know This

There is one thing in the world we are all dying to know and feel consistently….that we’re magical, that we matter, that we are seen, that we are important. That’s four things but, for me, they are all one. If you haven’t heard this today from yourself or someone else, I’ll tell you…..YOU ARE FREAKIN’ MAGICAL. Pro tip: Stop waiting for others to affirm your magic and learn how to give it to yourself. I just sang this line in my …
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My Volatile 24 Hours

On Monday of this week, I launched Ask the Coach. My intention is to have a space where I can answer your pressing questions live. Questions that can help you unlock your magic to start making an even bigger impact. The week prior, I was excited anticipating its’ arrival. I was proud of myself for creating another offering where I can bring immense value. Feeling grateful about how this idea had evolved for me over a couple of months. I had …
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