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Change Your Marriage Completely Using This Tool

How to Improve my Marriage? To improve my marriage, the discipline of having a generous assumption about my partner is critical to its’ success. How often do we fail to be generous?  He does something seemingly stupid and we can’t believe we are married to him. He says something hurtful and we make him the worst person in the world. Watch my popular Daily Soul Session I made on this exact subject below. When we meet our partner, we absolutely adore him. …
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Accepting my Wobbly Thighs

I had an epiphany about my thighs. The struggle of having wobbly thighs is real. How many of you can say my thighs shake when I walk? It’s a beast isn’t it? Especially in summer. Let me tell you a story. My core human need, according to the Tony Robbins Human Needs test (email me below if you’d like to receive it for free), is growth. For about the last decade I have had thighs that are more wobbly than I’d like. …
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Do I Deserve More?

Do You Want More and Wonder if You Deserve it?

Do I Deserve More? One of the reasons we feel stuck as women is because we want more. We hesitate, wondering, Do I deserve more? More abundance, more connection, more intimacy, more money, more friendships, more cute clothes. I know, for so many of us, life is really good so we struggle with the idea of wanting more. Who am I to want more when I have so much already? Does this story resonate? Last Saturday I celebrated my 34th birthday. …
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Why Hesitation is a Spiritual Experience

Hesitation is Preparing You To Align With Your Desires. Do you ever find yourself wanting to do something and finding a logical reason why not to? This morning, our nanny extraordinaire, Jess, is here from 9:30 to 1:30. This is a shorter day than usual because we just added Wednesdays to the schedule. I, however, have not opened up my calendar to take appointments so I can really focus on work towards my major initiatives. I sat down to meditate, …
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