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Meet Sarah

I have always loved conversations that are real, intimate and gritty.

Those conversations couldn't develop into incredible relationships, the desire I craved most at that time, because so many stories were getting in the way of being my magnificent self.

I was a very proud ball-buster.

I spent a lot of time looking good on the outside. I was well-educated, cultured, attractive, well-traveled, athletic, and seemed outgoing and personable.

I was all of these things and I was masking a slew of insecurities that ruled my life.

I believe we are as sick as our secrets and our truths will set us free.

Have you ever felt like the YOU outside and the YOU inside don't match up?

I now know that we are as sick as our secrets. And, our truth will set us free.

Let me invite you in to some of my truths...

  • Alcoholism created dis-ease in my family, which I carried into every type of relationship I had, be it friend, lover or family member. The truth was the addiction created dis-ease in myself hence why I struggled to be emotionally intimate.

  • I was bullied at age 10 by three girls and, for the next decade, friend after friend walked away.

  • I could only have sex after I'd been drinking because I was scared to be really seen.

  • I signed-up for my own radio show at university only to ditch it at the last minute. I was overcome with fear. What if nobody likes me? What if I sound stupid? What if I pick songs that aren't cool? I told people it didn't work out. I lied and felt so much shame.

  • I landed a great job and spent the whole time blaming my employers for their ineptness and inability to see my value. 

Because I have felt a lot of disconnection, deep, meaningful connection has always been really attractive to me.

Today, I experience it in spades. Why?

Because I've done my work, and continue to do it.

I am deeply committed to a life-long exploration of myself, which is the only way to experience all of my magic.

I live with intention, meaning I understand the motivation behind my decision-making in even the most micro of moments. Those often count the most.

I own my fears and desires which empower and startle me beyond belief.

We will explore your fears and desires, and uncover your intentions behind the place you feel stuck. This way, you'll find your way home to your magic.

Change within ourselves isn't just for us. It's so much bigger than us. It's for all the women who crave it, and can't. We owe it to ourselves and them.

With so much love,

Sarah xxx

Sarah T. Moore - Certified Professional Life Coach - MA, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP

  • M.A. Comparative Literature and Culture
  • Associate Certified Coach
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
  • B.A. (Hons) Hispanic Studies and Linguistics