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Jeannine Yoder

When it comes to listening on a soul level and providing expert strategy from an embodied expert perspective, Sarah is your no B.S, heart centered, mission driven co-creator and coach. Sarah knows how to tune into the blocks that you just can't seem to see, or move past on your own, and then shine the spotlight on the truth that will set you free.

Jeannine Yoder - Business & Goddess Lifestyle Coach For Coaches & Founder - Mentor Masterclass

Valerie Roden

Working with Sarah has been a life changing experience. She dove right into the water with me head-first on our very first meeting and has been swimming alongside me ever since. Gently leading me to explore areas of my life, my work, my relationships and fulfillment, she has taught me the steps to discover my very own approach to make meaningful changes. I continue my work with Sarah – our worktogether yields continual growth, true happiness and enlightenment.


Valerie - Clark Roden - Client Relations Manager & Wealth for Women Hotaling Investment Management, LLC

Angela Tobin
Deciding to work with Sarah was an easy decision.
Sarah is a gift. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will be surprised how her gift keeps on giving, years after their coaching.
With a supportive husband, terrific kids, and a successful career already in tow, I was searching for more peace and balance in my life.
Being a working Mom, who loves my career, I was in a pattern of always having work on my mind. Even when I was with my family, I was struggling to really be present, which was taking a toll on my happiness.
Setting aside an hour a week with Sarah was like talking with a friend. Her "calling" as a coach is evident in the ease and care with which she communicates. Although always presented with kindness (the British accent helps), Sarah's innate ability to ask the tough questions brought me on an unexpected journey.
Although I always would have considered myself "happy" before working with Sarah, I was able to access a far deeper and more satisfying level of happiness and peace than I ever thought was achievable.

Angela R. Tobin - Mortgage Advisor - Winner of Five Star Mortgage Professional Award 2014

Jeffrey Denman

Your coaching efforts helped me tremendously this past year. I was able to grow my business 3 times faster than I expected and increased sales by 5 times in about 9 months this past year.Using Your services honestly has changed so many things in my life which I thought were always unachievable until now. I may be reaching out to you in the near future for more coaching as I find myself wanting to achieve more and expand my business further.Thank you so much Sarah.


Jeff Denman - Denmans Electrical Services, Inc.

Donna Maltese

Sarah Moore is a fantastic coach! I consistently find clarification in what my next steps should be as an entrepreneur craving passion and balance in my life. My energy has increased tenfold as she helped me breakthrough the cobwebs in my mind and discover the link in my future goals—all while remaining true to my authentic self. My momentum going forward has never been greater! Thanks, Sarah, for your amazing insights, astounding intuition, and power to empower.

Donna Kay Maltese - Writing Coach at Writefully Confident - Author of The Woman's Secret of a Happy Life

Tara Gaudin

Sarah Moore is a compassionate, exceptionally insightful coach who is an expert at getting to the "heart" of the matter. With both razor-like focus and a personable sense of humor, Sarah is an extremely effective coach who helped me not only discover those inner obstacles that were consistently blocking me from achieving my goals, but to completely disarm them. With Sarah's help, I am finally learning to experience life in a new, refreshing, empowering way. I fully recommend Sarah to anyone who wants a true, radical change in their life!


Tara Gaudin - Non-Profit Executive