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Self Awareness

How Do I Feel Beautiful?

How to Feel Beautiful and Confident. I’m making it my life’s mission to understand what makes a woman feel juicy and beautiful. That feeling when her energy radiates through the screen and you think, I want what she’s having, and when you turn your head to check her out because she looks so fantastic and you think, I want to look like that. We all have desires. I don’t know about you, but when I see a woman and think, wow, I …
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Do I Deserve More?

Do You Want More and Wonder if You Deserve it?

Do I Deserve More? One of the reasons we feel stuck as women is because we want more. We hesitate, wondering, Do I deserve more? More abundance, more connection, more intimacy, more money, more friendships, more cute clothes. I know, for so many of us, life is really good so we struggle with the idea of wanting more. Who am I to want more when I have so much already? Does this story resonate? Last Saturday I celebrated my 34th birthday. …
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Why Hesitation is a Spiritual Experience

Hesitation is Preparing You To Align With Your Desires. Do you ever find yourself wanting to do something and finding a logical reason why not to? This morning, our nanny extraordinaire, Jess, is here from 9:30 to 1:30. This is a shorter day than usual because we just added Wednesdays to the schedule. I, however, have not opened up my calendar to take appointments so I can really focus on work towards my major initiatives. I sat down to meditate, …
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How To Feel Good About Myself

I Really Want To Feel Good About Myself. If I was to say, “Put your hands in the air right now if you think you’re amazing,” would you raise them without hesitation? Would you feel good enough? When I’m with groups of women and I do this exercise, most women DON’T raise their hands. Why? 1.) We’re embarrassed to own our truth. We believe we are/might be, but need confirmation. 2.) We question what will others think of us for …
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