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Self Awareness


What Degree of Juicy are you?

Something interesting came up at The Extravaganza on Sunday.  One of the ladies said, “It’s not about whether I feel worthy because I know I am.”​​That statement struck me as true and important, and tricky.If I was to ask you, Are you worthy of strutting your stuff down a red carpet? You’d respond with something like, of course I am. It might sound a little scary but inherently you’d feel worthy of the opportunity.If I asked you, Are you worthy …
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How Do I Feel Beautiful?

How to Feel Beautiful and Confident. I’m making it my life’s mission to understand what makes a woman feel juicy and beautiful. That feeling when her energy radiates through the screen and you think, I want what she’s having, and when you turn your head to check her out because she looks so fantastic and you think, I want to look like that. We all have desires. I don’t know about you, but when I see a woman and think, wow, I …
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Do I Deserve More?

Do You Want More and Wonder if You Deserve it?

Do I Deserve More? One of the reasons we feel stuck as women is because we want more. We hesitate, wondering, Do I deserve more? More abundance, more connection, more intimacy, more money, more friendships, more cute clothes. I know, for so many of us, life is really good so we struggle with the idea of wanting more. Who am I to want more when I have so much already? Does this story resonate? Last Saturday I celebrated my 34th birthday. …
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Why Hesitation is a Spiritual Experience

Hesitation is Preparing You To Align With Your Desires. Do you ever find yourself wanting to do something and finding a logical reason why not to? This morning, our nanny extraordinaire, Jess, is here from 9:30 to 1:30. This is a shorter day than usual because we just added Wednesdays to the schedule. I, however, have not opened up my calendar to take appointments so I can really focus on work towards my major initiatives. I sat down to meditate, …
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