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Self Awareness

How To Feel Good About Myself

I Really Want To Feel Good About Myself. If I was to say, “Put your hands in the air right now if you think you’re amazing,” would you raise them without hesitation? Would you feel good enough? When I’m with groups of women and I do this exercise, most women DON’T raise their hands. Why? 1.) We’re embarrassed to own our truth. We believe we are/might be, but need confirmation. 2.) We question what will others think of us for …
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Are You Giving Up When Things Don’t Go Your Way?

  I’m Giving up On Life…..not so fast. Mandy Harvey says, “I want to do more with my life than just give up.” She got me thinking, how often do we give up? I believe we emotionally give up, throw in the towel everyday, in micro moments, because we lack the tools to know how to do anything different. Mandy lost her hearing completely when she was 18 due to a connective tissue disorder. She had been singing since she …
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My Volatile 24 Hours

On Monday of this week, I launched Ask the Coach. My intention is to have a space where I can answer your pressing questions live. Questions that can help you unlock your magic to start making an even bigger impact. The week prior, I was excited anticipating its’ arrival. I was proud of myself for creating another offering where I can bring immense value. Feeling grateful about how this idea had evolved for me over a couple of months. I had …
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This is Vulnerability at its’ Best

The Big News is that, at the weekend, I made a very unexpected $38,000 investment in myself. Holy Shit! In my world, this is HUUUUGGGGEEEE! Here’s what’s also funny. I know in the not too distant future, this is going to seem really normal and my fear around it will be something I will giggle about. My Daily Soul Session below, catches me right after I made the investment and I’m pretty high on life.  Today, I’ve cried a lot. …
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