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Living A Juicy Life

How to Have Better Sex

You are formally invited to join the party tonight about how to have better sex. I’m so stoked about this. Tonight, June 14th at 9pm EST/6pm PST, I’m hosting a free, online training, “Life Altering Lessons From a Sex Retreat in Bali.” Register here. If you aren’t able to make it live, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Register anyway, because the recording will be sent straight to your inbox. Did you know that the most important part of a …
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This is my Idea of fun. What’s yours?

Are you feeling alive, vibrant, in love with your life right this second? So in love you could bust a move, around your kitchen, to your very own rendition of your song of the summer? (One of mine is Tay Tay’s Bad Blood) If you aren’t jumping around the kitchen for joy, why not? What needs to change, right now, so you are living life on your terms? Adventure and Fun is a core element of my How to Live …
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The Surprising Story of Getting the Sh*ts on a Sex Retreat

Sex is fun. The shits, not so much. So, here we are, my husband and I, in this fantastic 5* jungle resort in Bali, ready to learn everything we can about how to become more intimate with each other, when the shit, my shit, hits the proverbial fan. I’m talking stomach cramps and squeezing my butt hole for dear life as I race to the toilet to avoid the unthinkable, all while attempting to explore every inch of each other. …
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How My Wardrobe Forced Me To Get Honest

Why do we insist on holding onto things way longer than necessary? Until the point they actually drag us down and no longer fit their intended use? I’m curious about this. Last week, a dear friend came over to help me do a wardrobe cleanse.  I was excited because it was a chance to get my wardrobe straight: get rid of the stuff that had “had it,” discover what key pieces I am missing so I can fill in the …
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