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Coaching Event To Help Women Let Loose

This Coaching Event is going to be killer. This week, I received the nicest compliment. “Sarah, every time I watch your videos, I wonder how much light can radiate out of one person.” Wow. I smiled so big. As you know because you’re human too, I don’t always feels this way. Thank goodness, because it’s only in knowing the lows that I can really appreciate the highs. I know exactly what it’s like to feel disconnected and turned off. I was bullied, and from …
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Accepting my Wobbly Thighs

I had an epiphany about my thighs. The struggle of having wobbly thighs is real. How many of you can say my thighs shake when I walk? It’s a beast isn’t it? Especially in summer. Let me tell you a story. My core human need, according to the Tony Robbins Human Needs test (email me below if you’d like to receive it for free), is growth. For about the last decade I have had thighs that are more wobbly than I’d like. …
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Some Days are Crappy, Love Them Anyway & 3 Affirmations To Feel Enough

Here are my 3 Affirmations for a Crappy Day Do you ever feel like you’re having a crappy day and you’ve got no good reason to feel that way? Here’s what’s usually true for me: Nothing about the day is especially crappy. Even if I had a bad day at work or I had an argument with my husband, the following is still true. What causes me all the trouble is my thinking. Here are 3 thoughts I have on crappy days …
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Do I Deserve More?

These Two Acronyms Keep me on Track

In the 12 step world, where I spend a few hours every week, acronyms and slogans are life-saving tools. I use these to coach myself to a place of balance. Here are two of the former that keep me sane and on my side of the street. If you’re anything like me, It seldom goes well when I cross over. QTIP = QUIT TAKING IT PERSONALLY How often do we make it about us? When I’m upset about what someone …
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